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There are many funeral undertakers in South Africa and finding the perfect funeral undertaker may be time consuming especially when you really need one – therefore we have listed the preferred list of funeral undertakers in South Africa. Funeral Undertakers have the knowledge and experience to help families understand the options available to them, to explain the value of different product features and to help create highly personalized, meaningful tributes. Funeral Undertakers also provide value in a variety of ways before and after the funeral service:

  • arranging for removal of the body,
  • obtaining required legal documents,
  • preparing a loved one for viewing,
  • planning the funeral service,
  • arranging for final disposition,
  • providing facilities for the visitation and funeral service,
  • and transporting the deceased and mourners to the final resting place.

Funeral Undertakers have been trained to help families through the grief process and can do so in an environment that is conducive to healing. View a list of the preferred Funeral Undertakers in your area:

  1. Simply choose the province / suburb of the funeral undertaker
  2. Browse the various funeral undertaker listed in that suburb or area
  3. and then click on a funeral undertaker that you wish to contact

You will be presented with the funeral undertaker’s contact details and their company portfolio. Simply contact them directly, or fill in the funeral undertakers online form.