A funeral home also known as a funeral parlour or mortuary which plays a critical role in planning and carrying out a meaningful funeral or memorial service. A funeral home is where the decreased individual(s) are prepared for burial or cremation, where the body may be viewed, and where funeral services are sometimes held.

Funeral Homes perform the following services:

  • Be on call to serve families when a death occurs
  • Remove and transfer the deceased from the place of death (home, nursing home, hospital, etc.) to the funeral home.
  • Funeral Homes will may also perform professional care of the deceased which may include washing, embalming, restorative art, dressing, casketing, hairdressing and cosmetology
  • Will assist in completing paperwork (certificate of death, etc.) and to arrange the details of the funeral service.
  • The funeral home will arrange necessary details with the cemetery, crematory or other place of disposition etc.
  • Help families by arranging flowers, framed photos, photo collages and other memorial pieces.
  • Direct the chosen funeral services in a professional manner, from visitation, to funeral service.

View a list of the preferred Funeral homes in your area:

  1. Simply choose the province / suburb of the funeral parlour / funeral home
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You will be presented with the funeral homes’ contact details and their company portfolio. Simply contact them directly or fill in the funeral homes online form.